Avalanche Education

AIARE has created a nationally recognized curriculum for avalanche research and education and is now the industry standard for professional guides and recreational skiers and boarders alike. We are proud to be an AIARE Education Provider. Join us for one of our upcoming AIARE sessions to improve your own backcountry skills.

Silcox Hut Based AIARE 1 Avalanche Course

Winter, Spring | 3 days

We are pleased to announce our newest Avalanche Course option- a Silcox Hut based AIARE 1 Avalanche Course. This is a spectacular location at 7000' on the south side of Mt Hood, famous for its old world ambiance and charm. The hut it not only spacious and comfortable, but it    …trip details

AIARE I Avalanche Course- For Snowshoers and Mountaineers

Winter | 3 days

Many years, we get requests from climbers who want to take our Avalanche Courses while traveling on snowshoes and not skis. This season, we are offering a AIARE 1 Course that will travel on snowshoes instead of skis. If you are a skier, you are welcome to join, just know    …trip details

Avalanche Level I Refresher Course

Winter | 1 day

The goal of an Level I Refresher Course is to dust off some your skills, review important topics, and also bring in some new updated information. If it has been a few years since you have taken your Level I, this would be a great course to consider in order to stay current.    …trip details

SheJumps- Intro to Avalanche Safety for Women

Winter | 1 day

SheJumps is excited to offer a one-day Introduction to Avalanche Safety course for women in partnership with Oregon Ski GuidesĀ ! This course is the intermediary step between basic avalanche awareness evenings like the one that SheJumps offers annually in Bend, and a    …trip details

AIARE 1 Avalanche Course- For Skiers and Splitboarders

Winter | 3 days

Decision Making In Avalanche Terrain The level one course is a 3 day/24 hour introduction to avalanche hazard and management. The course is expected to: Provide a basic understanding of avalanches Describe a framework for decision making and risk management in    …trip details

AIARE 2 Avalanche Course

Winter | 4 days

Analyzing Snow Stability and Avalanche Hazard The AIARE Level 2 course is a 4-day program that provides backcountry leaders the opportunity to advance their avalanche knowledge and decision making skills. This course also includes the introductory and prerequisite    …trip details

Introduction To Avalanche Safety

Winter | 1 day

This course is suited for skiers/riders who frequent avalanche terrain via lift access from ski areas and easily accessible backcountry trailheads and highway passes. Perfect for those folks who are venturing into avalanche terrain along with others, but who don't typically    …trip details

Companion Rescue

Winter, Spring | 1 day

Do you have a shiny new avalanche transceiverĀ but have no idea how to use it? Did you know there are specific ways to more efficiently shovel and probe for a buried friend? Time is critical in rescue scenarios. Well then, you may want to join us for one of these day-long    …trip details

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